"Global Supplier of 3-D Stretch Bend Tooling & Equipment and Industrial
Automation Systems for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry"
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Technology that works for you...
From Product-Process Engineering & Design
to building complete
"Turn-Key" Systems.  
Preferred Industries is in the business of
making things happen. Our
Engineering, and Manufacturing expertise
allows us to work upfront with the customer to
streamline the production process flow,
optimize material usage, and reduce costs by
combining operations and adding automation
and/or material handling where feasible and
cost effective.
Functionality is key...
No matter how sophisticated or complex a complete
production line is it must be simple to operate, cost
effective, and flexible where feasible.  This is the
driving force behind the team at Preferred Industries,
3-D Stretch Bending Fixtures Automation
Systems Integration
Special Machines
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