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Full Design Implementation
CAD/Engineering Department
initiates tooling/equipment designs in
3D then converts to 2D drawings
automically for detailing:
  • 7 Seats of SolidWorks
Plant 1:
  • 25,000 ft./sq.
  • 2 Shifts
  • 1-FX-10 (Wire EDM)
  • 3-VF4 (Haas CNC)
  • 2-VF6 (Haas CNC)
  • 1-VF7 (Haas CNC)
  • 4-45 (Mori CNC)
Plant 2:   2007 Range Road                    
Saint Clair Mi 48097

  • 17,000 ft./sq.
  • Controls Design,
    Integration, Pipe and
    Wire, and system run offs
  • 1 Shift
Program Management is
assigned as a customer point
contact on all customer
requirements, timing, status,
and commercial issues.
3-D Stretch Bending Fixtures Automation
Systems Integration
Special Machines